At Hint, part of our mission of making Direct Primary Care the new standard in healthcare is to support startup DPC clinicians by paving the way to success with tools and resources that make it easy to get your DPC practice off the ground. The list of to-do’s to launch your practice can be long and overwhelming. Between choosing your EHR, setting up your clinic space, creating a brand identity, determining the medical services you’ll offer as part of your memberships, legal items, etc., starting a DPC practice is no easy feat.

One of the most important aspects of your DPC launch is your digital storefront or website, so in addition to our core membership and billing software, All-in-One software and DPC Accelerator education offering, Hint is excited to announce our brand new Website Builder - an integrated tool for Hint clients to design and launch a professional, search engine optimized website for free.


The Hint Website Builder is similar to other DIY website tools (think Squarespace, Wix, etc.) with pre-built content modules and drag and drop functionality. However, what sets our website builder apart from other 3rd party tools are its integrated, turnkey, DPC-focused features, which include:


Templated Designs

Our pre-built templates are designed with modules and features specific to Direct Primary Care practices. From membership comparison charts to direct care services offered at your practice - customize the template of your choice to make it your own.


Search Engine Optimization

With overall site SEO tools and page-by-page meta data, the Hint Website Builder makes it easy to infuse your site with keywords specific to your practice, services and location to ensure your website appears on google search results within your local community. 

Built Into Hint

With Single-Sign-On capabilities, you can access your website right from your Hint dashboard. Build, edit, update, and check the analytics on your site without having to log in to a separate platform.

Mobile and Tablet Optimized Design

Nothing is worse than finishing your shiny new website just to pull it up on your phone and realize that the spacing is completely off on mobile. Hint’s Website Builder automatically adjusts text, images and buttons on your website for an optimized display across all devices.

Success Guaranteed

From an initial comprehensive training on the Website Builder platform, to continued technical support throughout your design process, the Hint team will be by your side along the way to ensure your website is successful - available at no additional cost to any Hint client on a paid plan.

Click here to learn more about the Hint Website Builder and to schedule a demo with our team.