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Redirect Health: Local Employer Direct Contracting Case Study


Redirect Health Case Studies

Ever sinceRedirect Health has empowered employers to provide health care for only $105 per person per month, they’ve started flocking to DPC in droves, using the perk to recruit and retain workers while dramatically saving money.

What is Redirect Health?

  • If your employer purchases you a Redirect Health membership, you can call their phone number 24/7 and receive personalized care from a doctor familiar with your specific situation and history.
  • Need a same-day appointment? They have you covered. In fact, you can even come in as often as you want.


As one of Redirect Health’s customers, Paul Breslau of Breslau Insurance & Benefits, puts it, “With EverydayCare, we not only have coverage, but also unlimited care at Redirect Health Accredited Centers. And the best part is no deductibles or copays. And employees can usually see a doctor the very same day.”


If you’re traveling out of town or require a specialist outside of Redirect Health’s borders, that’s fine, too. Redirect Health will contract with a doctor near you on a one-off basis, even negotiating a fair price before your appointment and finding the best way to get that doctor paid, all with no effort from you.


Health Care: the Key to Recruiting and Retention

In today’s expensive health care market, an employee’s health care satisfaction is often the key to recruiting and retention. Redirect has proved beneficial to a variety of employers across the board.


When it came to the diverse challenges of communicating with Spanish-speaking car wash employees, recruiting high-paid consultants, and retaining full-time construction contractors, Redirect passed every test with flying colors.


Success at the Car Wash

For the car wash, finding health care at all was tough enough. Their employees number over 350 young men at 18 locations around Phoenix, many of whom speak only Spanish. Due to the difficulty of this challenge, the car wash’s previous health care strategy was only able to cover approximately 10% of the population.


As a matter of course, Redirect provides bilingual agents who will take any time necessary to explain processes to their patients. In this case, their explanations went much further than simply onboarding. They began filling out patient applications before the employees arrived, simplifying and smoothing the process as much as possible. Since 95% of enrolled employees identify Spanish as their first language, Redirect’s bilingual offering had a significant impact on their satisfaction.


As the car wash’s insurance/HR consultant, Gloria Guerra, describes, “The company is ecstatic that we can offer employees a viable, effective and well-embraced health care solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”


Success for Consulting

Recruiting top-notch consulting talent comes with an entirely different set of challenges from blue-collar car wash workers, and Redirect Health proved itself up for the task.


Serendipit Consulting, founded in 2008, set its sights on creating a new breed of PR/Marketing company. After exploring many different health care options, Serendipit concluded that the overwhelming number of options were all too expensive for a new startup looking to expand. This was detrimental because, in the professional services industry, health care is a fundamental element in recruiting and retaining top talent. Without a perfect solution, they began offering a generous $200/month health insurance reimbursement. However, since this strategy requires each employee to search out their own health care solution, few employees took advantage of this offering.


As Melissa DiGianfilippo, partner at Serendipit, describes, “There’s nothing more disheartening after interviewing a candidate who would fit perfectly within our company, and with whom you’ve come to terms with on salary and other benefits, than to find out it was the lack of health care that drove them from accepting a job offer.”


While the health care conversation was previously an uncomfortable one, now that they’re working with Redirect Health, the tables have turned. In fact, As DiGianfilippo describes, “The health care solution we offer our employees now leads the hiring discussion.”


Serendipit’s health care upgrade has seen great success: since partnering with Redirect Health, the company has attracted and added senior-level professionals to its team.


Building Success for Construction Contractors

Paul Johnson Drywall recently enrolled every one of its over-700 full-time trade employees in Arizona and Nevada in Redirect Health. As Cole Johnson, their CEO and President putputs it, “The fact that our employee retention is high – much higher than it has ever been – can be directly linked to offering quality, affordable care plans through Redirect Health.


Affordable Costs

In a world where health care is often the second largest cost for a company (behind only employee wages), saving on health care can significantly impact the bottom line.


The Car Wash

When the car wash learned that potential penalties from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could cost them nearly $1 million per year, they became worried. The end result of partnering with Redirect Health, however, went far beyond mere compliance with the ACA: they implemented a solution that provided the required coverage, unlimited care, and helped employees control their health care at an affordable cost.


Paul Johnson Drywall

For Paul Johnson Drywall, let’s just let Johnson describe:

  • “We’re quite pleased with the level of enrollment in the plan and have noticed claims related to Worker’s Compensation have greatly reduced and our cost savings have increased.”


It’s easy to see why he’s pleased: workers’ compensation insurance premiums have decreased dramatically over the years. The result? Since 2014, Redirect Health has saved Paul Johnson Drywall more than $900,000 annually.


Before working with Redirect Health, employees would commonly use Workers’ Compensation to address injuries that either didn’t occur at work or could have been treated with routine first aid. Additionally, the Drywall labor force previously used quick-fix but expensive health care solutions, such as hospital emergency rooms. Now, however, Redirect Health is happy to see employees as much as they need, for any problems they have.


Serendipit Consulting

For Serendipit, one need only compare the cost of $105/person/month to their previous health insurance reimbursement of $200. The math is clear.



Redirect Health is a perfect example of how Direct Care is the way of the future. They’re improving health care and patient satisfaction while saving money.


As Paul Breslau, representing the car wash, describes, “I love the concept behind Redirect Health. Their business model is to provide basically unlimited primary health care outside of the insurance system, and use insurance for catastrophic medical problems… an idea whose time has come.”


Today, nearly 70% of the car wash employees are enrolled with Redirect Health, a substantial improvement from their previous 10%. For Paul Johnson Drywall, approximately 98% of the employees are enrolled.


These two numbers are especially impressive considering younger male populations traditionally have the lowest acceptance rates in health care.


At Serendipit, every single one of their employees uses Redirect Health, some even upgrading their coverage to cover their whole family.


If you’re an employer curious how you can get health care of this quality and affordability, you can find Redirect Health in the Scottsdale, AZ area (and quickly expanding!). If you’re outside that area, feel free to get in touch with us here at Hint, and we’d be happy to help you find a practice nearby.

If you’re a physician interested in joining the Direct Care movement, or a patient looking for a direct care doctor near you, take a look at the Hint blog or reach out. We and the entire DPC community would love to help.

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