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Meet Decent at Hint Summit 2019


We're very happy to introduce you to Decent, a wraparound health plan with DPC at the center, and a sponsor of Hint Summit 2019.

About Decent

  • Name: Decent
  • Founded: 2018
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Website: Decent.com

What Does Decent Do?

Decent offers a wraparound health plan with DPC at the center. We are initially serving self-employed people, who are not well served by the escalating rates and narrow options for coverage on the exchanges. We believe this is a group of people who are not being well served by the narrow options for coverage on the exchanges.

Most DPCs we talked to recommended that members have some type of coverage in addition to their arrangement with their physician. With Decent, patients can get a silver level plan that is affordable, comprehensive, and integrated and puts the doctor/patient relationship in focus and moves insurance to the background - where it should be.

Our long term goal is helping groups of people self-insure and pool risk and disrupting traditional insurance models.

How it Works

When new members signup for Decent, the first step is for them to pick their DPC doctor so that they can be enrolled directly with, and their membership fees can be paid directly to the practice. Decent is partnering with Hint to make this process as seamless and scalable as possible.

From there, the DPC doctor can direct their members’ care both inside and outside of the primary care setting, with no prior auth. And Decent provides data, negotiated rates, and rewards to help members and their doctors choose the highest-value options for specialty care.

Because Decent has a philosophy of supporting the doctor/patient relationship, all of this is done without the DPC doctor losing control over the patient relationship.

Decent delivers lower prices and more value than exchange-based plans via an efficient care model built around DPC. We believe Direct Primary Care is the future of health, and we’d like to help bring it to the world at large.

Things to Know About Decent

  • We launched with full regulatory approval and began serving members in Austin, Texas on May 1st.
  • Decent is a TPA, not an insurance company. We help groups of people band together to self-insure and save money.
  • While we’re initially in Austin, we plan to expand to additional parts of Texas by 2020 open enrollment, and then beyond.
  • You can help - we’re building out our network right now (and even if you’re not in Texas, we’d love to talk). If you’re curious about how you can lend a hand - please email molly@decent.com.

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