Running an Urgent Care clinic can often mean long hours, thin profit margins, and higher financial risk due to the inconsistent nature of the model of care. Offering memberships at your Urgent Care clinic can be a great solution for alleviating some of these financial struggles, and also work to create lasting relationships with patients, establishing your clinic as their go-to option for care. Read on to learn about the benefits of Urgent Care membership programs, and the ways Hint supports urgent care clinics to serve their communities and retain patients.

Consistent Revenue for Your Clinic

Rising medical supply prices, unpredictable insurance reimbursements, and the erratic nature of urgent care revenue all contribute to the financial burden Urgent Care centers face. Establishing a membership program at your Urgent Care clinic can provide a new income stream with little additional overhead. Not only can turning one-time patients into returning customers through membership make revenue more consistent and predictable, but it can also help you build relationships that enable you to provide a more cohesive care experience for patients.


Better Serve Your Community

Some of the community members you treat at your urgent care clinic may not have insurance. Others might have a high deductible or a gap in coverage, making regular medical care expensive and inaccessible. By offering memberships at your urgent care clinic, you can provide patients access to a cost-effective solution that gets them timely care for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, and help them avoid costly emergency room visits. 


With an urgent care membership program, you can also work with local employers who can't afford to offer traditional health insurance as a benefit to provide some level of healthcare benefits for their employees.


Power Urgent Care Memberships with Hint

Hint's technology makes it easy for Urgent Care clinics to establish a membership model and focus on what's most important - care delivery. Hint Core, Hint’s HIPAA-compliant billing and membership management software, allows you to easily enroll members through branded online patient enrollment forms and digital legal documentation. Create unlimited custom plans for each member tier, location or plan sponsor that fits their specific needs, and create rules for each plan to determine what plans cover and the payment responsibility (patient or employer).



Urgent Care clinics serve as a go-to resource for acute medical needs, offering patients quick access to healthcare when they need it most. By offering Urgent Care memberships powered by Hint, you can seamlessly turn patients into members, create a new income stream for your business, and build lasting relationships with patients.



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