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Direct Primary Care Best Practices & Resources

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Hybrid DPC: Transitions & Tradeoffs

As fee-for-service practices struggle under the burden of increased overhead costs, insurance red tape, and endless data...

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Tags: Hybrid DPC, Launch Advice, Medical Practice Management

Converting to Membership Medicine with Minimal Risk

Converting to Membership Medicine with Minimal Risk

When I first heard about Membership Medicine with a direct relationship...

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Tags: Concierge Medicine, Direct Care, Direct Primary Care,

Understanding Hybrid DPC: A Q&A with Dr. Lee Gross

Dr. Lee Gross runs Epiphany Health in North Port, Florida alongside his co-founder, Dr. William L. Crouch, Candice Nicol, ARNP...

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Tags: Direct Care, Legal, Hybrid DPC,

Why Direct Care Providers Would Stay Opted In to Medicare?

For new Direct Care providers, deciding whether or not to opt out of Medicare can be one of the most crucial and challenging...

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Tags: Direct Primary Care, Legal, Hybrid DPC,

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