We believe that there is powerful, untapped knowledge out there that can transform the way direct care providers launch, manage, and grow their businesses.

There's just one problem… it's trapped in other people's heads. People who are experts or at the top of their fields rarely have time to share what they've learned. Best Practices is about sharing this knowledge to inspire and accelerate action. To deliver on this mission, we'll make you three promises...

  • Where possible we will get out of the way and let experts speak directly to you about what they believe is most important
  • Every article will have concrete and actionable tactics and takeaways that you can use or learn from immediately
  • Where there are multiple competing views on a topic, we will try to provide a balanced overview and where appropriate formally make recommendations

We launched Best Practices to cut through the noise so that you can make an impact and help make high-quality and affordable care accessible to everyone.

If there is a topic you would like researched and written about, please contact us at bestpractices@hint.com.