Developing a robust DPC network is an integral part of Hint Health’s mission, which is to power direct care, and make it the new standard. Since most people obtain health care coverage through their employer (54.4% of Americans), increasing DPC adoption amongst employers is key. In fact, according to the 2022 DPC Trends Report, 51% of DPC memberships managed under Hint Core are paid for by employers with most of these employers having less than 10 enrolled employees, signifying an opportunity for larger employers to offer DPC as part of their benefits package.


We launched Hint Connect with the goal to develop a national DPC network that is an open marketplace for employers and DPC providers. Dr. David Cameron, President and Chief Medical Officer of Hint Connect sees the network as a resource for DPC providers to grow their patient panel and an avenue for employers to easily implement DPC into their benefits package by having just one point of contact.


Part of building a DPC network includes determining how DPC practices can join, service level requirements, pricing, and contractual obligations. As a DPC practice owner and physician himself, Dr. Cameron knew that maintaining the autonomy of DPC clinicians with respect to how they practice medicine and set their pricing was fundamental. Also, Hint Connect is non-exclusive, therefore DPC providers who join are free to join other networks.


Hint Connect is expanding its network of DPC providers (supply) while also working directly with employers, benefit advisors and TPAs to secure contracts (demand) and implement DPC into their benefits packages. We are grateful to partner with like-minded organizations such as Decent, a PEO that is dedicated to providing affordable health insurance and care to all by serving small businesses. “With DPC as the foundation of our health plans, Hint Connect has been a great partner and is enabling a more efficient, strategically aligned path to connecting our members to DPCs across the country.” - Dr. Ben Aiken, Decent


Hint Connect works directly with employers to help implement a Direct Primary Care benefit to employees. Employers can choose to cover the entire cost of a DPC membership as part of their DPC benefits package. Alternatively, the employer can cap a specific dollar amount for monthly membership, allowing the employee to pay the difference of the cost of the membership. The average cost nationally for an employer sponsored DPC membership is $80 per enrolled adult member, and $40 per enrolled child member. According to our 2022 DPC Consumer Insights Survey Report, 81% of employed people would be willing to contribute to the monthly membership fee for a DPC benefit if their employer provided it.


Hint Connect launched in November of 2021 in Texas and expanded to 21 states throughout 2022. Many DPC practices who have joined Hint Connect also manage their membership with Hint Core, however, it is not necessary for a DPC provider to be on the Hint Core platform in order to join Hint Connect. DPC practices can use the Hint Connect network to help land and service their own employer contracts. For instance, if a DPC is working with a local employer, but that employer has employees outside the DPC’s catchment area, Hint Connect’s network can fill those gaps. Given the rise of remote work, even many small employers have employee bases that are spread out over many cities and states. 


All DPC practices that join Hint Connect agree to the fundamental aspects of DPC that differentiate it from typical primary care. These include providing all preventative and urgent care visits at no additional cost, offering same day or next appointments and after hours access, and being available through electronic communications such as phone, text, video and email. Hint works with technology that DPC practices already use to access data to prove the value of DPC to employers.


Hint Connect’s goal is to be available nationwide wherever DPC is. In 2023, Hint Connect will continue to strengthen the network in the 21 states where it currently operates, and expand its footprint to an additional 20+ states. Stay engaged with Hint Connect, whether you are a provider interested in joining, or an employer, benefit advisor or TPA interested in offering a DPC benefit as part of your employee benefits or health plan. We want to hear from you!


Hint Connect Leadership

“Dave is an invaluable leader of Hint Connect because first and foremost he is a caring primary care clinician. He comes with the perspective of a Direct Primary Care doctor, and he has also worked with large employers in his previous roles. He helps us balance the needs of patients, DPCs, and employers as we continue to develop and grow Hint Connect." - Beth Holmes


Beth Holmes, Head of Network Development engages with employers, benefit advisors and TPAs, educating them on the benefits of DPC while Dr. David Cameron focuses on DPC physician relations encouraging them to work with employers via Hint Connect.