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See Dr. Clint Flanagan at Hint Summit 2019

emerging-collaboratives-Hint Summit 2019

We're excited to announce that Dr. Clint Flanagan, Founder & CEO of Nextera Healthcarewill be speaking at Hint Summit 2019.

Clint Flanagan Headshot_15-recutAbout Clint:

Clint Flanagan, MD, is founder and CEO of Nextera Healthcare and North Vista Medical Center. Nextera Healthcare is Colorado’s first Direct Primary Care (DPC) program, established in 2009. Nextera Healthcare members are assessed an affordable monthly membership fee for unrestricted office visits and virtual consultations with physicians at North Vista Medical Center and affiliate medical practices. Nextera Healthcare has
established a network of clinics throughout Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida,Virginia and the Washington DC area.

In addition to working as a Family Medicine physician, he has fifteen years of experience as an emergency physician working in many underserved communities throughout Colorado and as far away as Iraq where he served as an officer in the Army Medical Corps.

An accomplished healthcare visionary, Dr. Flanagan regularly contributes to policy discussions at the state and federal level to ensure physicians and healthcare providers have ample opportunity to deliver high quality, affordable and accessible care to families and businesses. He has testified on behalf of DPC and has been directly involved in DPC legislation that passed unanimously in Colorado and Nebraska. His free time is spent enjoying his family and outdoor fitness pursuits in the Colorado Rockies.

Session Info: Dr. Flanagan will join a panel discussing DPC collaboratives and networks as a way to meet employer demand for direct primary care. 

Dr. Clint Flanagan's Panel at Hint Summit 2019

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