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See Dr. Eric Crall at Hint Summit 2019

emerging-collaboratives-Hint Summit 2019

We're excited to announce that Dr. Eric Crall, Founder of  MyDPCdoc Family Medicine, will be speaking at Hint Summit 2019.

crall_eric-new2019About Eric:

Dr. Crall started his own pure DPC practice in 2014 after spending 17 years as an employed physician. His practice reached its 700 member capacity in early 2018, partly as an affiliate of Nextera Healthcare, caring for the Tampa employees of a Colorado-based company. In 2018 he formed the Tampa Bay Direct Care network to help other physicians transition into their own DPC practice. He has partnered with Health Rosetta certified advisors to help employers in Tampa Bay redesign their benefits while leveraging the DPC practices of his 4 local affiliate physicians.

Session Info: Dr. Crall will moderate a panel on emerging DPC collaboratives and building the supply of DPCs to meet employer demand for their services.

Dr. Eric Crall's Panel at Hint Summit 2019

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