Hint Connect is excited to announce a partnership with Medprime Direct, an employee benefits brokerage firm, to offer employers of all sizes a custom benefits solution, anchored in Direct Primary Care. Designed to provide easy access to affordable, high quality care, Medprime, with the support of Hint Connect, puts healthcare control back in employers’ hands. 

Hint Connect, Hint’s curated network of independent DPC clinics, enables the adoption of DPC at scale by uniting independent DPCs into a single employer agreement and network technology, facilitating employers across 38 states to implement the benefit of DPC at scale. By leveraging Hint’s expansive network of independent clinicians, Medprime Direct can build high-value health plans for employers with DPC as the central hub of the plan. 


Through DPC membership established through Hint Connect, employees will have unlimited access to dedicated primary care clinicians who provide personalized, uninterrupted care through a monthly membership. When more critical medical events arise or the member needs specialist care, the DPC physician is empowered to act as a care navigator and steer patients to cost-optimized providers who have direct contracts with Medprime with no copays or out-of-pocket costs for members.


“Thanks to Hint Connect, all DPC practices of all sizes can now operate on the same level as their larger DPC counterparts, offering comprehensive DPC health plans without limitations” - Sunil Vasisht, Founder & President, Medprime Direct.


By centering health plans around primary care, Medprime works to provide better access and high-quality care for employees, while reducing downstream healthcare costs for employers.


Learn more about Medprime Direct and the custom DPC health plans available for employers nationwide. 

Are you a clinician looking to fill your panel through employer-sponsored memberships? Join Hint Connect to be part of the nation's largest DPC clinician network. Hint Connect will work on your behalf to market your practice and connect you with like-minded, mission-aligned sponsors and networks so you can focus on providing quality care to your members.