From physicians to benefits advisors, healthcare tech entrepreneurs to health plan innovators, Hint Summit consistently brings together a community that is passionate about Direct Primary Care. Wondering if Hint Summit is right for you? Here's a snapshot of who you'll meet at Hint Summit 2024:

  • DPC Owners, Clinician Teams, and Business Managers: Explore innovative ways to run and grow your practice while connecting with like-minded peers.
  • DPC Start-ups: Gain deeper insights and workshop your business through talks, panels and case studies that discuss challenges and solutions to growing and scaling a DPC practice.
  • Direct Pay Executives and Network Leaders: Connect with DPC providers interested in expanding their patient panels.
  • Benefits Advisors and Healthcare Brokers: Learn how to integrate DPC into innovative health plans.
  • Direct Specialty Practice Leaders: Make referral connections and discover practical ways to grow your patient panel.
  • Healthcare Reform Activists: Relate and build with other changemakers in the healthcare space who are delivering more value with direct care.
  • DPC-Specific Technology and Service Teams: Connect with decision-makers and explore tailored solutions.
  • Employers and HR Leaders: Learn about the ROI and productivity benefits DPC implementing.
  • Residents and Medical Students: Gain insights into the Direct Care movement. (We offer a special discount for residents!)
  • Insurance-based Practice Owners: Explore transitioning to the direct pay membership model and learn from DPC owners.

At Hint Summit, you'll not only hear from inspiring speakers on stage, but also have ample opportunities for meaningful engagement with sponsors, partners, and fellow attendees.

Join us September 27th-28rd in Denver, CO as we celebrate and fuel DPC's Climb to Mainstream - get your tickets today!


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