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Hint Summit 2D Program Preview: DPC Practice Fragility


Hint Summit 2D will feature 2 days of keynotes & breakout sessions designed to elevate Direct Primary Care and identify new opportunities. Over the next few days, we'll be sharing session descriptions on the Best Practices blog to give you a taste of what you can expect September 24-25.

Session: DPC Practice Fragility

Speaker: Tom Blue

Time: 11:30am PT, September 25

On average, a full-time primary care physician in the U.S. will lose more than $65,000 in revenue in 2020. Overall, the U.S. primary care sector will lose nearly $15 billion. Losses stem from drastic reductions in office visits and fees for services during COVID-19 shutdowns from March to May. Losses threaten practice viability, reducing further an already insufficient number of primary care providers in the United States.  Hear from Tom Blue, functional medicine expert as he shares important data from a recent study that dispels these statistics for direct primary care leaders and how this innovative model can lead the way forward.Register for Hint Summit 2D


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