Hint Summit 2D will feature 2 days of keynotes & breakout sessions designed to elevate Direct Primary Care and identify new opportunities. Over the next few days, we'll be sharing session descriptions on the Best Practices blog to give you a taste of what you can expect September 24-25.

Session: What DPCs Need to Know About Employer Direct Contracting

Speakers: Kat Nicol; Joel Bessmer; Sean Schantzen

Time: 2:45pm PT, September  25

Working with employers can exponentially grow a DPC practice, especially when physicians are able to contract with larger self-insured employer groups. However, working with employer groups can be a complex endeavor; it can require long sales cycles, insurance broker negotiations, sophisticated reporting tools, understanding the plan design & how other stakeholders fit into the equation (and much more). Any practice looking to break into the employer market should have a strategy and be sure they understand exactly what tools they need to master this space.

Joel Bessmer, MD, CEO of Strada Healthcare; Kathrine Nicol, JD of Nicol Health Law, and Sean Schantzen, Co-founder & CEO of Health Rosetta offer the key points for employer contracting followed by working roundtables as part of the DPC Accelerator Course.

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