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Meet KPI Ninja at Hint Summit 2019


We're very happy to introduce you to KPI Ninja, a leading Direct Care data analytics and consulting company, and a sponsor of Hint Summit 2019.

About KPI Ninja


What Does KPI Ninja Do?

KPI Ninja is a leading analytics and performance improvement consulting company.

As the largest analytics company in the Direct Care space, KPI Ninja is helping practices and physicians leverage their own data to better manage populations, manage businesses processes, and ultimately provide better care.

We do this by connecting to any and all data sources practices tap into, including EMRs, membership and billing platforms, and connect those together to provide practice leaders with a comprehensive picture of their practice and patients within our web-based DPC 360 platform.

With our highly skilled Ninja Advisors at your side, we can help you make the most of your data to support your business, your patients, and your key stakeholder needs.


What to Remember About KPI Ninja

  • KPI Ninja believes in the DPC model, and our goal is to help the movement grow by enhancing the amazing stories being shared through the power of data. See how we’re doing just that by checking out our case studies on our website.
  • Come check out our tech talk at the Hint Summit to learn what the data says about member retention.
  • Aside from our DPC 360 platform, we also assist practices with securing and preparing to bring on employer groups through our Employer Claims Analysis services.
  • Looking to grow? Contact us at info@kpininja.com to see how we can help.

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