MINT Lessons in Leadership, Listening and Laughter

Karith Foster is a Diversity Engagement Specialist with an incredibly rich background as an author, comedian, and the creator of Inversity, a methodology that improves personal and business relationships for professionals. 

In this video, she discusses the importance of reimagining leadership, inclusivity, active listening and laughter to foster personal and professional growth. She explains how we can all hone these valuable skills and why the results will provide benefits in business, leadership and social enhancement.

Karith describes the concept of Inversity as “instead of focusing on what separates and divides us, why don’t we focus on what we have in common, how we can be truly inclusive with one another?...but most importantly introspective.”

Karith further details the ABC’s of Inversity, which include asking for help, asking for what you want in order to grow and creating the world that you want to live in as a leader. She challenges the audience to apply the principles of Inversity so that we can re-evaluate how we have been operating and begin to work from the inside out to create a powerful existence.