We are excited to announce that Hint Health has acquired Thea Health, a leading eConsult solution for Direct Primary Care clinics. This strategic merger promises to reshape how primary care physicians connect with specialists and ultimately care for patients.


At its core, Thea Health's software enables seamless virtual consults between primary care physicians and specialists, eliminating the need to navigate the complicated insurance-burdened referral system. This innovation not only fosters collaboration but also streamlines expert opinions on complex cases.


The impact is two-fold: enhanced patient outcomes and reduced care costs. The platform aligns seamlessly with Hint Health's mission to power direct care and make it the new standard.


Central to Thea Health's value proposition is simplifying specialist interactions. The platform enhances patient satisfaction and care quality by empowering physicians to tap into specialist insights without the insurance system's complexities. Direct Primary Care physicians are empowered to care for a larger percentage of their patients and provide a more comprehensive patient experience. This philosophy resonates strongly with Hint Health's commitment to patient-centric healthcare.


Harry Cooke, Thea Health's co-founder, and CEO, shared his excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing the bright future of Direct Primary Care in the US. He stated, "We’re incredibly excited for this next step on our journey to improve specialist access. We’ve been convinced through working with DPC clinicians over the years that Direct Primary Care is the future of healthcare in America and are delighted to be joining the incredible ecosystem Hint has built to support the direct care movement."


And from the Hint side, Alexa Schulte, Head of Product, welcomed Thea Health, highlighting the value of curbside consults in terms of time and cost savings. “I’m thrilled to have Thea join the Hint family. Curbside consults add a ton of value for our clients, saving both DPCs and their patients time and money. We couldn’t ask for better alignment when we think about expanding the reach of direct care and deepening the value of a DPC membership.”


Thea's pricing model is another standout feature. With a low monthly fee of $275 per clinician at the time of the acquisition, the platform offers unlimited curbside eConsults, enabling DPC clinicians to provide better care at a lower cost. Existing Thea Health customers will experience a smooth transition without changes to their current pricing for the foreseeable future.




With this acquisition, Founder Harry Cooke and Head of Operations Noah Levan join the growing Hint team. Throughout the remainder of 2023, our teams will focus on integrating Thea Health's innovative technology into the Hint ecosystem through SSO and a seamless All-in-One integration, setting the stage for a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-focused future. 


Hint Health's acquisition of Thea Health is yet another example of our commitment to Direct Primary Care. By leveraging virtual consultations, this partnership amplifies how primary care physicians collaborate with specialists and provide care, improving the way care is delivered. 


To learn more about Thea Health, schedule a demo or visit https://theahealth.com.