In Primary Care Reimagined: Changing Your Community's Footprint of Health, which took place at Hint Summit 2022, Adam Berkowitz, RHU who is the Founder of SimparaHR (based in St. Louis, MO) opens with astounding statistics on the savings his company generated by helping his client, Schaefer Autobody Centers save nearly $1M in just one year by adopting the direct primary care model (DPC). By focusing on patients getting quality care with DPC, employees of Schaefer Autobody can afford to seek all the medical services and treatments that they need. By converting to a self-funded health plan that centered on DPC (like those offered through Hint Connect), Schaefer Autobody saw incredible results with the company’s CFO, Mike Abfall stating, “The outcome, both operationally and financially, has been better than I could have possibly imagined.”


Adam Berkowitz, RHU states that the model that Schaefer Autobody implemented can work similarly for other businesses by taking the following steps:

  1. Leave the System & Align Partners
  2. Shop Local & Contract Directly
  3. Eliminate Deductibles & Simplify the Plan
  4. [Deliver] First Class Advocacy & Support
  5. Embed Proper Primary Care

Adam then introduces Danish Nagda, MD, Founder & CEO of Rezilient (based in St. Louis, MO) who shares a personal story of why primary care is so important to him as an ENT physician. Dr. Nagda's father was an immigrant who worked in a factory for 40 years, but never had a primary care doctor and started having health complications with his first heart attack at age 53 when Danish was in residency. Danish had his father move-in with him becoming his caregiver. Dr. Nagda's father died at the age of 69.


Dr. Danish Nagda founded Rezilient to deliver quality primary care at scale leveraging technology. Dr. Nagda’s company has completely digitized healthcare delivery permitting physicians to practice remotely and reducing referrals by 80%. With the use of cloud clinics, Rezilient facilitates over 90% of primary care services digitally. Dr. Nagda sees his platform as a tool to scale direct primary care and invites DPC doctors to join in order to expand their patient panel to members across the country.


This is exciting because, in addition to joining a direct primary care network such as Hint Connect and bringing more local patients into DPC doctors’ offices, DPC clinicians can expand their market and see patients outside their local area with Relizient. Rezilient works with employers and has been able to achieve a 31% utilization rate with a net promoter score of 90. 


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