As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our employer product, we made it possible to enroll employees retroactively.

Benefits of Retroactive Enrolling

In an ideal world, employers always stay on top of their employee eligibility and update enrollment information in time. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

Employers often forget to update their Hint account as new employees join their company, and only when they get an invoice do you find out there are people to add or remove from the plan.

That’s where Retroactive Employee Enrollment comes in handy!

How it Works

We’ve added an Employee Membership Start Date field to the enrollment form.

retroactive enrollment.png

To enroll an employee retroactively, simply enroll them the same as before and choose the appropriate membership start date.

If you pick a date in the past, Hint Health will add the retroactive charges to the employer's next invoice.

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