At Hint Health, we understand that it takes a tremendous about of courage and personal growth to step out into the unknown and pursue entrepreneurship as a direct primary care doctor, which is why we invest in education, DPC Accelerator for Hint customers and events, the annual Hint Summit to build community and encourage the expansion of this movement in addition to our HintOS technology. This year, Lauren Tancredi, Practice Development Lead at Hint Health  and Co-Founder of Medicava, presented her talk, “Unlocking Personal Freedom,” encouraging the audience to listen to their inner voice and allow it to lead so that they can be their authentic selves and follow their true calling.


“[Your inner voice] is asking you to change your way of being, potentially practicing, or even serving your community.” - Lauren Tancredi


This voice inside is connected to our purpose and calling, and listening to it, gives us the freedom to be our authentic selves. Unfortunately, society conditions us to look beyond ourselves to give us the way, relinquishing our power within and thereby losing “our opportunity to unlock our personal freedom.”


“Humankind’s main motivation is to seek and experience personal freedom.” - Brendan Bruchard


Lauren challenges the audience to ask the tough questions and to become self-aware. Connecting to your authentic self is not about doing but rather about being. When you perceive the world as if you have a choice, you can make the right, conscious choice for yourself. However, most of us are on autopilot, doing what we think we should do, following the patterns of our family, teachers, and other role models and as a result we are unfulfilled.


Although, once we do make the conscious choice to follow our truth, we start the process of “unlocking our personal freedom.” Any limitations that you may have can be thought of as a guide, pointing you to where the work needs to be done. The work of clinicians can be described as those of a firefighter, constantly reacting to urgent situations (fires), but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can choose to show up differently, serving people from a place of personal freedom and power and consequently activating the same in others, including your patients. You have the authority to set boundaries, so that your days are not overwhelmed by the needs of others.


“Our boundaries are actually our superpowers, they are the tools in our toolbelt that help us build the life of our dreams, the career of our dreams, the relationship of our dreams, the practice of our dreams.”  - Lauren Tancredi


Watch this inspirational video so you can learn more about how to connect with your authentic self as well as “unlock your personal freedom and allow your heart to lead the way.”



You can connect with Lauren Tancredi via her website at and on LinkedIn.