Hint Summit has always been known for focusing on the innovation in Direct Primary Care and it is my honor to be co-emceeing the Summit this year!
Back in 2019 at the Hint Summit in San Francisco, Zak Holdsworth revealed in a visual motion graphic the part of the DPC Ecosystem that has been connected by Hint. It was astounding to sit there knowing what DPC could do for patients and doctors and then watching the single bubble representing a DPC clinic expand to this impressive expansive network of clinics all over the US.  
This year’s Hint Summit will help us grow that network even more as we come together for the first DPC-focused conference of 2022. 

As with previous Hint Summit conferences, the speakers who will be presenting are going help us visualize what DPC can be now and in the future - from empowering individual physicians to open their own clinics to expanding across communities by working with employer groups - and the possibilities of how DPC can continue to change the culture around healthcare in this country are truly infinite.

And, as we dream of that world where all Americans have access to DPC in their communities, the lynchpin of this conference will be the connections we will make with each other face to face as we have been itching to do since this pandemic forced us to go virtual during the last two years. 
So, no matter who you are or what role you have in the DPC ecosystem, I encourage you to introduce yourself proudly to a stranger at the multiple dedicated networking times that will be held during Hint Summit. The fact that we are all gathering around this beautiful model of DPC means that we all have a common thread to build relationships from. And, for the dedicated talks, go into those with open ears and hearts because you never know what you might have as your most valuable takeaway. Perhaps you’ll leave with another marketing strategy or a way to reflect on how to evaluate your role in medicine and ask yourself if you are practicing authentically. No matter what new connections you make or what information you take away, one guarantee is that you will come away from this conference feeling even more determined to learn, join and support each other as we continue to grow this movement.
Hint Health continues to take Hint Summit to the next level with this year's lineup and I am so looking forward to seeing you there!

-Maryal Concepcion, MD