Advanced Primary Care: Integrating Specialties into Your DPC Practice

RubiconMD President and Co-Founder, Carlos Reines and Halcyon Direct Primary Care Co-Founders, Emilie Scott, MD and James Gaor, MD discuss how integrating specialties into your DPC clinic improves outcomes and provides opportunities for growth at Hint Summit 2D'21.  

Halcyon Direct Primary Care serves 1,100 patients with 3 physicians and has been in business over 6 years. RubiconMD is a platform that enables primary care doctors to connect with top specialists, so they can provide a better care experience for their patients and reduce costs.

Emilie Scott, MD describes how integrating specialties into Halcyon has helped improve her “repertoire as a physician” and led her to become exposed to a more centralized view of her patients’ care as opposed to the corporate environment of traditional primary care where she was much more removed from the process.

“We have a trusted relationship with our patients so if a problem comes up, I’m very transparent about what I have experience in and what I don’t, so if I don’t know the answer to something, I will tell them I don’t know, I need to consult someone else for help and there are a couple of ways we can do it,” states Emilie Scott, MD.

When patients learn that it is a simple online consultation that Halcyon office can handle as part of their DPC membership it is a no-brainer. Some of the most common specialist consultations that Emilie Scott, MD and James Gaor, MD have participated in include pediatric orthopedics and dermatology, which have been helpful to mitigate unnecessary costs and prolonged treatments. 

Learn more about how specialty integrations at DPCs are improving lives and contributing to a more holistic patient care model.