Announcing Hint Health’s Direct Primary Care Network: Hint Connect

Hint Health is thrilled to announce Hint Connect, our direct primary care network that creates a single point of access to hundreds of local DPC providers, unlocking direct primary care for employers, third party administrators (TPAs), and benefit advisors. The network also facilitates the expansion of individual DPC providers and DPC networks with vetted affiliates to support large and geographically dispersed employers.

Hint Connect simplifies access to DPC for businesses who want to provide more value-based healthcare options but have limited resources to do so. With Hint Connect, there’s a standardized benefit and single contract, while supporting the essential relationships between patients, providers, and employer sponsors. Joining Hint Connect is free for independent providers and DPC networks who can now access employer demand that would otherwise be difficult to support due to employer size or geographic footprint.

“Hint Connect is unlocking the potential of the DPC ecosystem at scale,” said Zak Holdsworth, CEO and Co-Founder of Hint Health. “There’s so much need in the market for these kinds of relationships, and thousands of employers and providers in our existing community are seeking ways to address this demand because of the value DPC provides."

Hint Connect is now available in Texas and will expand to Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Florida over the next 3 months with nationwide availability coming soon.

Read the full press release here.