At Hint, we are constantly looking to bring new technologies into our Ecosystem of partners that provide value to physicians and enable them to do what they do best - deliver exceptional patient care. We carefully evaluate our partners to ensure they cater to Direct Primary Care practices and align with our mission to make DPC the new standard in healthcare. 


We’re excited to announce two new partners joining the Hint Ecosystem to bring value to DPC practices and their patients - Bruin Health and Remmie Health.


Bruin Health

Bruin Health is a fully-automated behavioral health platform that delivers comprehensive, insightful, and useful results for clinicians, sort of like having an on-demand behavioral health expert. Bruin’s comprehensive assessment tool assesses hundreds of factors known to drive symptoms and impact patients' mental health including emotional factors, coping strategies, behavioral and cognitive factors, and social determinants.


Bruin health mobile dashbarod


In addition to easy-to-understand results, Bruin provides actionable service recommendations and referral options to incorporate into your care plans that are tailored to each patient's profile and available either in the community or online. From digital apps and virtual care to community services and therapist matching, Bruin makes mental health care planning accessible for DPC clinicians.


“It's nearly impossible to get access to high-quality mental health services for my patients. I love how efficient, accessible, and affordable Bruin's evidence-based mental health evaluation and care planning is for me to use with my patients." - Jeffrey Gold, MD, Gold Direct Care


Learn more about Bruin Health’s behavioral health assessment tool.


Remmie Health

Remmie Health enables DPC clinicians to deliver the next generation in ENT care for easier, accessible diagnosis, timely intervention, and exceptional patient care. With Remmie's innovative digital otoscopes, clinicians can examine ear, nose and throat conditions with accuracy and care in-clinic or remotely.


Remmie otoscope


Remmie allows you to clearly view symptoms from your otoscope via a mobile device and save images and patient data to include in the patient's chart or EMR for improved care coordination. Patients with a Remmie device can avoid costly specialist and ER visits by easily sharing symptoms securely with their DPC doctor using Remmie’s built-in telehealth feature.


Learn more about Remmie Health’s AI-powered remote ENT care tool.


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