Data shows that by offering Direct Primary Care as a benefit, employers can not only improve employee health through higher quality primary care but also reduce costs and increase employee retention long-term. We’re pleased to announce a new partnership between Hint Connect and E Powered Benefits that puts primary care back in the driver’s seat with the launch of E Powered DPC - a product that integrates Hint Connect’s national network of independent Direct Primary Care practices with E Powered Benefits’ Performance Health Plans to easily and effortlessly implement DPC at scale.

E Powered Benefits, led by visionary David Contorno, exclusively provides value-based, transparent & responsible health plan management for companies by sharing our fees up-front, never allowing bonuses or carrier incentives in our contracts, and creating provider relationships that incentivize high-quality and low-cost medical providers. A pioneer in the healthcare benefits space, David has openly criticized the traditional healthcare model and made it his mission to transparent and patient-centric health plans. 


"David Contorno is a trailblazing force in the employer health benefits industry, passionately challenging traditional practices and championing transparency, innovation, and healthcare reform to bring control back to employers and prioritize high-quality, affordable care for all," shares Zak Holdsworth, CEO & Cofounder of Hint Health. “And now, by partnering with Hint Connect, he can expand the great work he’s already doing with Direct Primary Care for the employers on his performance plans.”


Hint Connect, Hint’s curated network of independent DPC clinics, enables the adoption of Direct Primary Care at scale. Hint Connect unites independent, community-based DPCs into one contract and platform to facilitate partnerships between DPCs, employers, and organizations across multiple cities and states. DPCs on Hint Connect provide high-access, relationship-based primary care not found in the current American healthcare system.


By pairing E Powered’s Performance Health Plans with DPC, E Powered DPC provides health plans that reduce costs for employers, incentivize better clinical outcomes, and improve the overall quality of care for employees. 


“Although the US spends more per capita than any other nation on healthcare, we spend far less as a percent of spend on primary care. This fundamentally drives us into the specialty world which is driven by volume, not outcomes. After all, a hammer is always looking for a nail,” explains David. “Enhancing primary care and eliminating the financial incentives custom to our healthcare system results in way better outcomes for patients, lower costs for employers, and better lives for doctors.” 


With 54% of Americans receiving healthcare from their employers, partnerships between organizations like Hint Connect and the broker industry, championed by leaders like David Contorno, are critical to further the awareness and adoption of Direct Primary Care.


To learn more, visit or register for our livestream with Founder of E Powered Benefits, David Contorno, CEO and Co-Founder of Hint, Zak Holdsworth, and CMO of Hint Connect, Dr. David Cameron.