Orchard Health is a direct primary care practice located in Nashville, GA led by Founder and Family Physician, Jonathan Wade, DO, FAAFP. Orchard Health opened its doors on April 1, 2018 and early on Dr. Wade had his sights set on securing several employer contracts and rapidly growing his patient panel. Dr. Wade wanted more control over reporting and better integrations, so he decided to switch from a competitor to Hint and Elation within 2 months of opening his practice.


“Hint's platform is very appealing to employers as they venture into the new world of DPC with some unfamiliarity. Having a professional and sophisticated platform like Hint to be one of the first interactions with the practice provides a sense of structure and control.” 

Jonathan Wade, DO, FAAFP



Most of Orchard Health’s patients are employer sponsored, with 70% of his patient panel coming from employers that are mainly small to midsize businesses. Dr. Jonathan Wade sees direct primary care as a great opportunity for smaller businesses to offer a health care benefit at a lower cost. Through Hint’s platform, employers also have the ability to easily take a close look at how employees are utilizing their benefits, while enjoying an impressive return on their investment for healthcare spend. 



What makes direct primary care such a cost effective option is that patients have an established relationship with a primary care doctor that is accessible. Patients don’t need to wait for appointments and can often be seen the same day or next day and don’t have to resort to more costly avenues of care such as the ER or postpone treatment until conditions worsen, which end up requiring specialist intervention or even in-patient hospitalization. Dr. Jonathan Wade saw this first-hand before even opening his practice and sought to offer primary care and some specialty care services with easy access including telemedicine for an all-inclusive membership fee of $75.



Leveraging the Hint platform was integral in managing and scaling the growth of Orchard Health in an efficient manner. See how Orchard Health was able to scale their growth with employers by reading the complete case study and learn more about Dr. Jonathan Wade’s journey to DPC.