Hint Connect is excited to announce a partnership with Clearwater Benefits, a health benefits platform for individuals, families, and small businesses nationwide, that makes it easy to find, buy, use, and enjoy high-quality and affordable health plans. Together, Hint and Clearwater will work to provide better benefits and better healthcare anchored in Direct Primary Care.

In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, patient-centric care is paramount, and more providers are adopting the DPC model. At the heart of the Direct Primary Care movement and this new  partnership between Hint Connect and Clearwater lies a shared vision to redefine the doctor-patient relationship by allowing clinicians to focus on patient care. Hint Connect, Hint’s curated network of independent DPC clinics, enables the adoption of DPC at scale by uniting DPCs into one contract and platform to facilitate partnership between DPCs and larger  employers and organizations across multiple cities and states. Clearwater expands the DPC model by providing an accessibility to high-quality, affordable healthcare plans giving the DPC patient community a seamless experience regardless of where they seek healthcare. This partnership makes it easy for patients to purchase an all-in-one healthcare package that supports them through their whole health journey. 

“I’m elated to share the news of Clearwater and Hint teaming up to make their shared vision for patient-centric care a reality for the DPC community,” said Zak Holdsworth, CEO of Hint. “This partnership will leverage cutting-edge technology to empower patients to enjoy a stronger relationship with their primary care doctor, and open the door to broader benefits including primary and preventative care with added coverage when a medical event becomes a need that goes outside of the clinic.”

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Through DPC membership established through Hint Connect, members will have unlimited access to dedicated primary care clinicians who provide personalized, uninterrupted care through a monthly membership. When large unexpected medical events arise—an ER visit, surgery, hospitalization, or cancer—the member’s ClearShare plan kicks in to cover needs that go outside of the clinic. This ensures that DPC members never have to choose between their wallet and their health.

“We are excited to partner with Hint to offer DPC members a forward-thinking healthcare solution that offers peace of mind on their journey toward better health and financial security," said Jason Sherman, CEO at Clearwater Benefits. "We are deeply committed to providing an outstanding experience to clinics, providers, and DPC members alike while making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and hassle-free." 

Learn more about the Hint Connect and Clearwater partnership and how it will provide members a first of its kind, one-stop destination for their healthcare needs.