The Hint Ecosystem of partner resources was designed to help Direct Primary Care clinicians focus on what matters - the doctor-patient relationship. Our curated ecosystem includes time-saving tech solutions, networks and associations, medical devices, and more that align with our mission to make Direct Primary Care the new standard in healthcare. 


In this Ecosystem Highlight, we’re featuring two of our newest marketing partners with innovative devices that can streamline your DPC practice operations and add value for your patients. 


Blomdahl USA Medical Ear Piercing 

Blomdahl USA is a medical ear piercing system, only available to medical professionals, designed to offer safe and clean piercing to patients and their families. There is high demand in communities for an alternative to mall stores, kiosks, body piercing and tattoo shops where families typically go for ear piercing, and Blomdahl equips DPC clinicians with everything they need to add this as a service for their patients.



With Blomdahl, patients can feel at ease with access to the safest possible approach to ear piercing. The Blomdahl piercing system uses single-use, disposable cassettes that eliminate the chance of transmission of blood-borne viruses, as well as medical grade ear piercing studs to eliminate the risk of nickel allergy and skin sensitivity.


In addition to providing patients peace of mind by offering a private, professional environment for piercing, adding medical ear piercing to your DPC service offering can create an additional revenue stream for your practice.


Learn more about Blomdahl’s medical ear piercing system and how you can become a Blomdahl provider and provide patients and their families with a safe, clean piercing alternative.


SmartHeart®️ 12-Lead EKG

Reduce costs, time spent waiting for results, and increase productivity with SmartHeart®️, a high-quality portable 12-lead EKG. SmartHeart®️ allows you to monitor patients with heart conditions remotely and accurately as part of your telehealth offerings.




Traditional EKG machines are cumbersome, take time, and are often uncomfortable for patients. With SmartHeart®️, you or your clinic staff can quickly perform a 12-lead EKG and then move on to other important tasks or see more patients. The ability to prescribe a diagnostic tool as valuable as a 12-lead EKG will allow your patients the peace of mind they deserve, and the easy-to-use app will guide your patients through the process and instantly send the results upon completion.


As the only portable, 12-lead technology with unlimited 24/7 cardiology review, SmartHeart® is transforming the way DPC clinicians are able to diagnose and manage heart disease.


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