Each post below contains advice from doctors, marketers and leaders on successfully transitioning to direct care and growing your practices.  We hope it helps you launch and grow, and reduces your stress a bit. We’ll be adding more posts over time.

Marketing Best Practices: Broad Strokes with Nancy Latady

Nancy Latady is Founder of Latady Physician Strategies, a specialty marketing agency that  helps doctors transition to membership models. In this post, she discusses the need for doctors to become more comfortable with marketing, how to plan your conversion to concierge or direct primary care, and how to talk about the value of direct care without falling into the trap of focusing on costs. This piece also gives some great advice on analyzing your costs, and better understanding the “pitch” for different types of prospective patients.

Developing a Business Plan for Your Direct Care Practice

Tom Blue of the Institute for Functional Medicine, walks us through the need to build a business plan for your new DPC practice and some of the key considerations. Most doctors have little to no business experience, so it's important that they take a systematic approach to calculating costs, revenue. This post won’t tell you everything, but it should help you start listing out key expenditures and asking questions about vendor and supplier costs.

Build Your Direct Care Sales Funnel

Dr. Paul Thomas of Plum Health shares his approach to building a sales funnel for steady membership  growth. The post walks you through different tactics for attracting new prospects and converting them to members, and measuring the impact of your efforts, so you can improve. Dr. Thomas does an especially good job of explaining the value of unique content and how to get started creating your own.

Encouraging Enrollments: Marketing Tips & Tricks

Tasha Demkiw, Hint’s Head of Customer Success, highlights a Hint feature that can help you drive pre-launch enrollments. She’ll walk you through the psychology behind deadlines and time-based promotion offers; and explain how our Coupons feature makes it easy to take advantage. This is a great example of “low-hanging” fruit when it comes to pre-launch marketing.

How to Grow Your Direct Care Practice

This post collects advice from some incredible DPC leaders including Dr. Clint Flanagan of Nextera Healthcare, Dr. Erika Bliss, formerly, of Qliance, and Dr. Ryan Neuhofel of NeuCare. Here they share the tactics that helped them get their practices off the ground, the thing that didn’t work, and some oft-overlooked components of scaling a direct care practice.

We 'll be authoring new marketing content in the coming months and would love your input on what to write next. Please leave us comments with marketing questions you’d like us to address.