Hint Connect proudly announces our partnership with Eden Health, a national virtual direct primary care organization. As Hint Connect continues to expand its Direct Primary Care network, now covering over two-thirds of the United States, there are some areas of the country where there are not enough DPC practices. I am a DPC physician, practicing in Littleton, CO and while there is plenty of DPC coverage in the metropolitan areas along the front range, there are fewer practices in the rural areas. With more employers offering the benefit of Direct Primary Care to their employees and dependents, there is a need to expand the geographical healthcare reach to meet all patients’ needs.

Virtual Direct Primary Care refers to a healthcare model where patients have direct access to primary care providers through virtual means, including video, phone, or secure text communication, without the need for insurance or traditional fee-for-service payments. By partnering with Eden Health, Hint Connect helps employers solve two challenges–lack of access and employee preference. For the former, Eden Health will increase access to direct care, where there isn’t an on-the-ground DPC, in remote or rural areas. For the latter, employers can now give patients the choice of in-person or fully virtual DPC care. This is especially beneficial for patients who have limited mobility, face transportation challenges, or simply prefer a virtual clinician as it provides them with convenient and timely access to healthcare services. 

There are many encounter-based virtual care companies out there that can’t be classified as Direct Primary Care. It was really important for the team to find the right partner that has the same values and standards of care as DPCs in Hint Connect do. 

  1. Continuity of Care: Eden Health offers personalized continuity of care with its own PCP. Unlike encounter-based telemedicine platforms where patients see the next available provider, patients will see their same Eden Health PCP for their visits. This continuity of care builds trust and rapport allowing for improved communication, shared decision-making, and a better overall healthcare experience. Patients can have more extended and focused interactions with their clinicians, leading to a better understanding of their health concerns, individualized treatment plans, and improved health outcomes.

  2. Exceptional Access: Eden Health offers the same enhanced convenience and access as DPC without the need to go to a physical clinic, making healthcare more convenient and accessible by offering services from anywhere with telemedicine visits, 24/7.

  3. Patient-Aligned Payment Incentives: Like Direct Primary Care, Eden Health operates on a membership or subscription-based model, where patients pay a fixed fee for unlimited access to primary care services. This can result in cost savings compared to traditional fee-for-service models, as patients do not need to pay for each visit or service separately. Additionally, virtual DPC can help patients avoid unnecessary healthcare expenses, such as emergency room visits for non-urgent conditions.

Eden Health has a wide array of service offerings. Unlike encounter-based virtual care which mainly offers urgent care for episodic issues, virtual DPC clinicians prioritize preventive care, including health screenings, lifestyle counseling, and disease prevention strategies. Virtual DPC clinicians often offer a wide range of services beyond traditional primary care, including mental health services, nutrition counseling, and chronic disease management. 

With increased access and personalized care, patients can proactively address their health concerns, leading to early detection and management of health conditions, which can result in better health outcomes and cost savings in the long term. Overall, Eden Health dovetails nicely with Direct Primary Care practices across the country making it a perfect partner with Hint Connect’s DPC network in the United States. 


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