At Hint, we’re committed to providing the best-in-class DPC software and services to redesign the healthcare system to enable easy access to high quality affordable care. We strive to align all our product offerings with this vision, and our recent launch of Hint All-in-One is a significant step towards achieving it. This end-to-end solution is designed for Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinicians and provides everything they need to start and scale their practices, including a clinical application.

In addition to the release of Hint All-in-One, we also introduced a long-overdue pricing restructure and rebranding of our legacy membership and billing software. Our mission is to power direct care, and make it the new standard. To achieve this, we stand by our core values of transparency and deliberate action. We communicate openly and effectively with our customers, partners, teams, and investors, and we are deliberate in our use of time and resources to be efficient and offer the best services.

To tailor our technology offerings to different customers, we re-examined our product suite and branding, and completed a rebrand. Formerly HintOS, Hint Core is the new name of our software designed to handle billing and membership management, which is the central part of a clinician's business. The name Core is a reflection of that idea that Hint Core sits at the center of the Direct Care industry, with the features and tools for direct care practices and organization of all types and sizes to scale their business effectively with a plan that fits their budget. Core Growth, the entry point to our direct care solution, starts out at $100 per month and allows clinicians to turn their focus back to their members, while Hint handles the administrative tasks. For larger practices and organizations, upgrades to Core Scale and Core Enterprise are available, along with additional features and tools designed for success at each level.

Inclusive of the basic entry level features that Core provides, Hint All-in-One is designed specifically for DPC clinicians as an entry point for both startups and growing DPC practices. All-in-One provides them with a single tool to get started that includes the functionality of a modern EMR, practice management app, patient communications platform, and membership management, in one affordable, clinician-designed technology.

Our grassroots mentality and startup-friendly spirit continue to guide our operations, as we started by working with independent doctors interested in practicing medicine without the constraints of the insurance-based, fee-for-service model. We are grateful for the partnerships that have helped us serve over 2,000 clinics across the country, and we remain committed to investing in these partnerships to ensure seamless integration of Hint Core with preferred Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), and other technologies critical to the success of your practice.


Apart from our technology products, we offer Hint Connect, a curated DPC network that provides a single access point for offering DPC benefits at scale. We also provide events and education focused on direct primary care, including DPC Accelerator, which provides complimentary business training and coaching for sustainable growth of direct primary care practices. Our annual Hint Summit brings together DPC innovators and pioneers to build meaningful relationships and further the growth of the direct primary care movement