Amidst The Great Resignation of workers, employers are struggling to retain talent and stay competitive. A record 4.5 million people left their jobs in November 2021 and according to Fast Company, “in America alone, there are 11 million vacant positions and only 6.5 million people to fill them.” A key area of differentiation for employers has and increasingly continues to be benefit offerings to employees. Health insurance is an important consideration for talent as the cost of health insurance and the fee-for-service model is exorbitantly high resulting in medical bills and debt as the number one cause of bankruptcies in this country. However, there are other priorities that workers have, which include remote working ability, flexible schedules such as a 4 day work week and employee assistance programs.



Most prospective employees are not well-versed in benefit offerings but they know that having access to wellness programs and a work environment that considers mental health and work-life balance is essential in today’s uncertain climate. While employers are scrambling to tack on as many benefit offerings as possible including pet insurance, the best approach is likely quality over quantity. Direct primary care gives employees quality health care with more providers that embrace more of a holistic model of care resulting in improved outcomes with higher prevention of illness and better management of chronic conditions. Employers also benefit from reduced healthcare spend and a more engaged and happy workforce.


Benefit advisors are starting to catch on to the upsides of including direct primary care in offerings for employers but we are still far from the large-scale adoption that will transform lives and improve healthcare in this country. We are hopeful however that this upward trend in direct primary care and people demanding more from their employers and having the leverage to do so will lead more employers to invest in direct primary care benefits for their employees. 


Hint is leveraging its expertise in the field and database of direct primary care providers with Hint Connect, a Direct Primary Care Network bringing together innovative plan sponsors and provider led networks with DPC Providers from across the country, to scale adoption and access of direct primary care for benefit advisors and employers. Hint Connect allows benefit advisors to implement a standardized primary care benefit in partnership with leading DPC providers and networks through one single access point. Learn more at



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