The Health Rosetta is an organization that accelerates adoption of innovative, transparent employer benefit solutions centered around strong primary care. They support benefits advisors through education and tools to implement better performing health benefits.


Hint Health had the opportunity to attend and present at the Health Rosetta Summit in March 2022 to update Health Rosetta advisors on growth trends in Direct Primary Care (DPC). Health Rosetta advisors often center innovative, high performing plans around  direct primary care. We saw at the Summit that over the past couple years, Health Rosetta advisors are getting more experienced at implementing DPC with employers.


This is an exciting time for DPC, especially as DPC networks including Hint Connect can help benefits advisors and plan sponsors implement a standardized DPC benefit for larger and more geographically diverse groups. There are over 4,000 employer sponsors working with DPC providers on Hint with approximately 40% of DPC practices on Hint working with employer sponsors.


Hint Connect is present in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Florida and expanding rapidly to meet demand. We encourage benefits advisors to reach out to us about Hint Connect when working with employers who are considering DPC so we can help get the ball rolling on network building and potentially reduce the sales cycle with employers.


It’s clear that increasing availability and usage of DPC improves outcomes on all fronts. Patients have better access to their healthcare provider with 99% of providers offering same day appointments and more quality service. Doctors have 75% fewer patients on their panel and spend an average of 38 minutes with each patient resulting in 68% of patients adhering to preventative care guidelines more often. Plus, employers get to save big with medical cost savings and are able to offer differentiated employee benefits with a unique patient-centric healthcare experience that attracts and helps to retain staff. 

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