Hint Health and RubiconMD Partner to Increase Access to Specialty Care for Membership-Based Providers 

As part of Hint Health’s mission to facilitate the expansion of direct care, it recently entered into a strategic partnership with RubiconMD, the leading eConsult platform providing primary care physicians direct access to specialist expertise. 

The collaboration provides direct care organizations and membership-based practices in the Hint Health community with special access to RubiconMD’s eConsult platform for same-day insights from specialists in 120 categories including cardiology, infectious disease, and psychology.


“Joining forces with RubiconMD means the growing number of direct care organizations and membership-based primary care providers can now drive additional value through specialist insight within the walls of their own practice,” said Zak Holdsworth, CEO and Co-Founder, Hint Health.


Over 1500 clinics and enterprises across the country who rely on Hint Health’s HintOS™ member management platform will have integrated access to RubiconMD’s leading specialists who on average respond with advice in under three hours. RubiconMD’s eConsult platform reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary referrals 45% of the time, reducing procedures, labs, emergency visits, as well as additional co-payments and out-of-pocket expenses.


“From having an orthopedic surgeon advise on knee pain to getting an endocrinologist’s opinion on blood work to having a neurologist consult on migraines, we’ve established a network where patients can get the care they need without adding extra time or budget concerns,” said Gil Addo, CEO at RubiconMD.


The direct care model enables doctors to have more time with their patients and provide more value in both preventative care and medical treatments. “RubiconMD has benefited our patients and practice by allowing us to better diagnose and care for certain medical conditions that otherwise would have required referral to an external specialist. Of course, the backbone of our ability to use RubiconMD is directly correlated to the amount of time we have with our patients,” said Dr. Robert Boyer, Founder at Trailhead Clinic. “Having this extra time would not be possible if it wasn’t for the Direct Care model and Hint’s platform.”

Learn more about RubiconMD at www.rubiconmd.com.

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