Meeting the Moment at Hint Summit 2021

We heard from nearly fifty healthcare visionaries at Hint Summit 2D'21 who are all contributing in major ways to rebuild primary care and elevate direct care models within the healthcare and benefits landscape. Attendees took away incredible insights, inspiration and motivation to do even more and we are grateful for the experience.

And now, all of the great takeaways from Hint Summit 2D'21 are available for the general public to stream at


Keynote Address by Hint’s Co-founder & CEO

Watch as Hint’s co-founder and CEO, Zak Holdsworth leads the discussion around Hint’s role in facilitating the growth and success of direct primary care and its vision to help lead the adoption of direct care, creating an ecosystem of transparently priced direct pay relationships grounded in a foundation of affordable primary care. 

Aimee Liedich, Hint’s Director of Business Operations, and Alexa Schulte, Head of Product join in on this discussion highlighting analytics around direct care, Hint OS product updates and developments, along with the introduction to Hint Connect, all in support of Hint’s commitment to building an interconnected ecosystem that outperforms the health insurance-led status quo.

Get inspired by the doctors and health practitioners who have begun to pave the way for the DPC movement and see how you can meet the moment of this important paradigm shift in healthcare.