At Hint, our mission is to power the Direct Primary Care movement and make it the new standard in healthcare. We know we can’t do this alone, which is why we are proud to partner with organizations that align with our mission, and that are working towards making DPC more accessible and streamlined for both clinicians and patients. Check out three of our most recently launched marketing partnerships.

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BrainCheck is a cognitive health platform that empowers clinicians to identify and treat cognitive health issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s dementia. Backed by over 20 years of scientific research, BrainCheck brings together neuroscientists, data scientists, technology experts, and more to help clinicians deliver high-quality, personalized cognitive care to patients everywhere. Clinically validated, the BrainCheck Assessment has demonstrated evidence pointing to the ability to increase early detection of cognitive impairment and promote cognitive care management when appropriate.

Through comprehensive cognitive and behavioral health assessments, clinical decision support, and cognitive care planning features, the BrainCheck platform empowers DPC and Direct Pay clinicians to administer frictionless cognitive assessments and care for patients, remotely or in-clinic. Learn more about BrainCheck's rapid, reliable cognitive health technology for DPC practices.


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Own Sleep Medicine

Own Sleep Medicine’s mission is simple: provide people with better sleep. Through convenient and accessible at-home sleep testing and AutoCPAP therapy, Own Sleep Medicine empowers DPC clinicians to diagnose and treat sleep conditions for their patients. Own Sleep provides same-day processing for referrals, on-demand compliance checks for authorization and approvals, and fast results to get their patients the care they need. 

By working with Own Sleep Medicine, DPC clinicians can offer home sleep tests that can be picked up in-office or delivered directly to their patient’s door. The tests measure multiple channels with accurate and reliable results, which are manually scored by licensed Polysomnographic Technologists and reviewed by board certified sleep physicians. 

Learn more about how Own Sleep Medicine works with DPC practices to help patients sleep better.


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Frontrow Health

The abundance of readily-available health-related content today can be overwhelming for patients, and may subject them to misinformation. Frontrow Health allows clinicians to create their own one-stop trusted resource for their patients through their very own curated storefront with pre-vetted supplements, devices, health apps, educational articles and more. In addition to the added benefit of exclusive access to these resources, patients also get a 15%+ cash back on health solutions trusted by their clinician, while clinicians earn $1 for every click-through. 

By building their own storefront, DPC clinicians can attract more patients/members by extending this additional benefit, while creating an additional revenue stream for their practice. Learn more about how Frontrow delivers added value to DPC practices.

Interested in partnering with Hint Health? Visit the Hint Health partners page to learn more about our partnership program.