We're launching Hint Highlights, a new DPC video experience, to increase awareness of direct primary care and make DPC material more accessible to the community.

When we looked at video viewing habits on our website site, we discovered a couple of really interesting things:

  1. People watched videos in short bursts over several visits. Most people take 4-7 viewings to get through an hour or longer video (2-3 viewings for shorter sessions).
  2. People like to rewatch short sections of videos. We found that people came back to the same video and navigated to specific sections repeatedly. 

Based on these finding, we decided to build a viewing experience more inline with how people are watching the videos and see if we can increase DPC awareness in the process.

Introducing Hint Highlights

Hint Highlights is the new experience based on our research.  We're making it easier to quickly learn about DPC by focusing on the "highlights" from DPC Summit and Hint Summit sessions and creating short  (~2-5min) standalone videos that people can watch anytime they've got a few minutes to spare. We're hosting these videos on YouTube to make them easily findable and watchable anywhere.

Here is a sample:


New videos will be published to YouTube every Wednesday morning. Here is the Hint Highlights playlist.

Why Do This?

If we want to make direct primary care the new standard in healthcare, then we need to increase awareness and understanding of direct primary care. That means making the model easy to discover and easy to research. When we looked at the viewing behavior on our video site, we realized that we could do more with video to support DPC education.

Help Us Make it Better

You can leave comments on the videos or on this post to help steer future programming. Let us know what content you'd like to see and if you've got any specific sessions that you think we should look into. You can also upvote videos you like to make them easier to find in YouTube search.

Last,  you can receive notifications when new videos are released, and help boost visibility of the playlist by subscribing to our YouTube channel.