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Join Marty Makary, NYT Bestselling Author & Healthcare Futurist, at Hint Summit 2020


We’re proud to announce Marty Makary as a Keynote Speaker for Hint Summit 2020. Read more about Marty below and get very excited for his session:



New York Times bestselling author
Johns Hopkins professor of public health

Dr. Makary is a healthcare futurist, Johns Hopkins surgeon, and Professor of Health Policy. Makary is a frequent medical commentator on NBC and FOX News and a leading voice for physicians, writing for the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He advises policy leaders at the highest levels of government on health care and leads an advocacy effort to rebuild the public trust in American hospitals.

His book The Price We Pay writes about re-building the public trust in the medical profession. He advocates for the new movement of relationship-based clinics that spend time with patients to address the social, economic, and lifestyle determinants of health. In the book, Dr. Makary also exposed the leading health care story of 2019—the practice of hospitals suing patients, a practice he has led to fight against which has resulted in many hospitals stopping all lawsuits against patients. His book has been described as “a must-read for every American” by Steve Forbes and a “deep dive into the real issues driving up the cost of health care” by Dr. Don Berwick.

His previous bestselling book Unaccountable was adapted for television into the hit medical series The Resident.

Dr. Makary has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine and named one of America’s 20 most influential people in health care by Health Leaders magazine. He speaks frequently on health policy and how everyday Americans and business leaders can get a better deal on their health care. His current research focuses on the appropriateness of medical care, drug prices, and the impact of the health care cost crisis on low-income populations. Using a non-partisan approach, Dr. Makary explains the current billing-throughput system of medical care and describes the disruptors who are revolutionizing the way we get care.

Hint Summit 2020 is bringing together its boldest set of speakers and best content ever. Make sure you’re there for Marty’s session and the other great talks.

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