Hint is committed to driving the adoption of Direct Primary Care and making it the new standard in US healthcare. In addition to our software offerings, nationwide DPC network, and startup resources, we’ve curated an Ecosystem of partners for DPC clinicians to leverage to streamline their operations and enhance value for their patients. 


We’re excited to announce four new partners joining the Hint Ecosystem: Tabflows, Switchboard Health, Terra Health Coaching and Healthbook+.



Tabflows is a Chrome extension that seamlessly combines Elation + Spruce + Hint dashboards in a single tab to save DPC clinicians from having to click between windows. By automatically integrating and exchanging patient names and information in real-time between Elation, Spruce, and Hint in real-time and on the same tab, clinicians are able to save 1,000+ clicks and 120+ minutes per day.


Clinicians can try out the Tabflows extension with a 14-day free trial - after that monthly plans are $24 per user per month and include unlimited data exchanges and priority customer support. Learn more about Tabflows and how it can save your clinic time and clicks.



Switchboard Health

Switchboard Health simplifies specialty care by matching patients with the best-fit care options, including convenient, virtual specialty care programs in MSK, cardiology, behavioral health, and more.


When you order a referral in your EMR, Switchboard’s matching engine then displays a configurable, rank-ordered list of provider options.  You’ll see important data such as distance, insurance coverage, cost, quality, and other custom fields.  Switchboard supports leading DPC clinics, is integrated with several leading EMRs and can also automate the sending/receiving of referrals.  Our goal is to keep direct primary care practices at the center of care.


Learn more about Switchboard Health’s referral automation software and virtual care network.



Terra Health Coaching

Terra Health Coaching is your 'health coach pharmacy', designed to empower patient lifestyle change through a 3-month lifestyle intervention program.


Terra Health Coaching offers access to Lifestyle and Behavioral specialists, allowing DPC clinic owners to avoid expensive hiring and overhead costs, and open lines of communication with Terra coaches provides collaborative efforts and patient success. Patients are guided and supported through this process with their Terra health coach and the Terra Health Coaching mobile application.


Learn more about how Terra Health Coaching works with DPC patients on the day to day to address the root causes of chronic conditions and supports them throughout their whole health journey.


HealthBook+ is an easy-to-use, digital-first health facilitation platform that provides your practice with powerful and personalized patient engagement capabilities, driving enhanced compliance, earlier interventions, and improved health outcomes. We increase your practice’s efficiency through easy and secure access to all your patients’ health-related data, helpful AI-driven insights, timely reminders, enhanced communication and scheduling, and the ability to provide relevant patient education.


The platform also helps boost loyalty and retention, as it empowers your patients to take charge of their health journey by giving them — and their families — frictionless access to immediate and personalized support.


Learn more about how HealthBook+ can help your patients to invest and engage in their wellness.


Looking for more resources to help you level up your Direct Primary Care practice? Explore our Ecosystem of partner technologies, health associations, business services and more at www.hint.com/ecosystem