It’s official - Hint Summit is heading back to Denver! Hint Summit ‘24 will kick off September 27th at Infinity Park Event Center, with acclaimed Pediatric Physician and Founder of Frontier Pediatric Care Dr. Phil Boucher at the helm. This year, DPC enthusiasts, pioneers, and innovators will focus conversations around Elevating Healthcare: DPCs Climb to Mainstream, providing a foundation for DPC Clinicians of all shapes and sizes, industry leaders, stakeholders, and ecosystem partners to forge a path to bring DPC across the threshold of mainstream healthcare. 

From the moment you arrive at Infinity Park Event Center, you'll share ideas, build meaningful connections, and celebrate the impact of DPC. Hint Summit will feature two days of innovative combination of panels, fireside chats, and short talks, all designed to include invaluable insights and energy to grow the Direct Care movement into the new standard of US healthcare.

Practice Thrive and DPC Elevation 

This year’s Summit will center around two discussion tracks: Practice Thrive, and DPC Elevation. The Practice Thrive Track at Hint Summit 2024 will provide talks, panels and case studies by peer experts that discuss challenges and solutions to growing and scaling a DPC practice for success. The DPC Elevation Track will provide talks, panels and case studies by innovators and pioneers that discuss challenges and solutions around scaling DPC to compete with mainstream healthcare.


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A Speaker Lineup to Inspire 

The stage will host a curated selection of inspirational keynotes and speakers from across the Direct Primary Care industry, with topics that run the gamut of building a more sustainable DPC ecosystem.

Early speakers include:

  • Matt Ohrt, Co-Founder Self Fund Health
  • Neer Patel, Founder Virtuous Benefits & Co-founder DirectMed DPC
  • Kenneth Qiu, MD, Founder, EuDoc Direct Primary Care
  • Aimee Leidich,  Head of Operations, Hint Health
  • Dave Cameron, MD, Pure Family Medicine & CMO, Hint Connect
  • Zak Holdsworth, CEO & Co-Founder, Hint Health

A few topics include:

  • Forging Healthy DPC Communities at the Local Level
  • Best Practices When Adding New Services/Membership Types to Your DPC 
  • The Big Tent of DPC: How to Think About New Types of Direct Care Clinics
Check out the Summit website for the full agenda (coming soon). No matter where you are in the world of DPC, there is programming for you at Summit ‘24!


Networking Party and Closing Concert

As if the lineup isn’t enough to make Hint Summit ‘24 the DPC innovation conference of the year, the agenda also includes a Networking Reception hosted by Nextera Healthcare and Decent at the Museum of Nature and Science, plus an epic Closing Concert, all designed to inspire and connect.


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Get your tickets, while they’re still available - Hint Summit demand grows each year and space is limited. As with every Hint Summit we hope to leave you informed, inspired, and revitalized to fuel your DPC’s climb to mainstream!