Now you can send emails to a specified group of members. This notification feature lets you send mass emails to active or inactive members, retail or sponsored members, and membership owners or all members of a membership.

Here are a few different ways to use this new feature.

Announce virtual hours and in-office hours

Now that many of your visits are likely virtual, you can let members know the best times to schedule an appointment based on their needs.

Reach out to former retail patients

Many practices see patients who leave their practice simply because they had a change in their insurance. Now that many people may need alternative health care coverage options, you can offer your support. Consider running a limited-time promotion for former members.

Market to inactive employer-sponsored members

Send an email to inactive members who were associated with an employer to encourage them to enroll as a retail member, or call to schedule an appointment if they are still employed.

Give important information to your community

Let your members know where they can go to get flu shots, information about local COVID-19 testing, or wellness classes they can take while social distancing.

To send a custom notification, go to Admin → Notifications and edit the “Custom Message” notification. You can follow these instructions for more details.