Sign up and charge non-members for a one-time virtual visit with this new feature. The covid-19 crisis has increased demand for primary care, and you are likely getting calls from non-members who want to schedule a one-time telemedicine appointment with you. Now you can send a sign-up link that only charges a patient for a one-time virtual visit.

This is how it works for you:

  • The one-time visit patients will show up as inactive in your patient list.
  • You will receive an enrollment notification email for the one-time visit patients.
  • The patient will schedule an appointment through your online process, or they will call your office to schedule an appointment (whichever is your preferred method).
  • If you use Elation, you can generate a booking link to use as the re-direct page after the patient pays. Our Customer Success team can guide you on this.
  • If you use Spruce, you will notice a new queue/workflow in your Spruce app for the one-time virtual visits.

Email to get your link set up in your HintOS account. Our Customer Success team is dedicated to helping you provide the best access and care to patients.

This feature will allow you to take some of the burden off of the healthcare system that is hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, both in your own community and elsewhere. We applaud our DPC community for continuing to step up for patients every day.