What is a fixed-term plan?

Before today, all membership plans on Hint were perpetual. This means patient memberships had no end-date. Unless the membership was manually terminated by a practice admin, it would keep going forever.

This worked well for most practice models, but some of our customers have different scenarios:

  1. Limited-time programs: For example, a 3-month weight loss program, or a 4-month hormone replacement therapy program. These plans go on for a predetermined period of time and should then terminate. 
  2. Annual contracts with monthly billing: Some practices have their patients sign an annual contract, and patients can only terminate their membership at the end of a contract year. 

The new functionality introduced today enables practices to easily manage these types of plans on Hint.  

How does it work?

When you edit a plan in Hint, you will now see a new option called "Contract Period". Contracts are still set with no expiration by default. When you toggle Contract Expiration on, you'll now have controll to set numerous additional configurations for membership plans with finite durations.

contract period.png


When you create a new membership on this plan you will now see a "contract end-date" that is set automatically based on the membership start date and contract period. You will see the contract settings copied over from the plan, and you can manually override these settings for a particular membership if you choose.

contract in membership.png


You can also now generate reports on memberships that have contract renewal coming up, or whose contracts have expired, by going to the "Memberships Report" and choosing "Contracts Ending" or "Contracts Renewed".

contract reports.png


For more information on how to set up plans with fixed-term contracts, click here.