At Hint, we’re committed to helping restore the doctor-patient relationship by empowering Direct Care clinicians with tools that allow them to spend less time on admin and more time with their patients. We’re excited to offer DPC clinicians early access to a new Beta-tested tool, Hint Copilot, to elevate their patient-centric approach. Originally unveiled at Hint Summit 2023, Copilot is our AI-powered documentation and communication assistant that transcribes patient visits into accurate, SOAP notes, and generates clear, patient-friendly summaries for you to send after each visit.

I wouldn't do a visit without it." 

-Dr. Blake Hansen, Family Practice Physician, Simplified Health


Effortless, Accurate Documentation

No more errors, missed details, struggling to remember specifics, or spending hours typing. Hint Copilot empowers DPC clinicians to capture patient visits effortlessly and transcribe them into accurate, SOAP-formatted notes, saving time and resources spent on paperwork and minimizing the risk of transcription and note-taking errors.


While Hint Copilot works in the background to capture patient interactions seamlessly, clinicians are able to direct their time and focus on what matters - personalized patient care.


Watch the Hint Copilot demo to see our AI-powered transcription tool in action:



Patient-Friendly Summaries

Beyond just notes, Hint Copilot empowers clinicians to bridge the communication gap with patients by generating patient-friendly summaries that can be shared shortly after each visit. With highlighted key takeaways, diagnoses, and treatment plans in clear, concise language, Copilot’s patient-friendly summaries help clinicians save time. Patients will delight in having an easy-to-understand summary of their visit and are likely to adhere to their care plan and be more engaged in their overall healthcare journey. 


Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 2.16.16 PM


Built-In Security and Compliance 

We understand that protecting patients' sensitive data is paramount for clinicians. That's why security and HIPAA compliance are woven into the very fabric of our platform. Hint Copilot is the only fully-integrated clinical product with a ChatGPT integration that is HIPAA-compliant. 


Hint Copilot leverages zero retention workflows with ChatGPT ensuring that no patient data is saved or used for model training, allowing DPC clinicians to operate with confidence, knowing their patients' information is in good hands.


Copilot chat screenshot

Copilot chat with patient screenshot


Workflow Optimization

Hint Copilot allows for full access to ChatGPT's capability within your Hint Clinical dashboard. Quickly query the Copilot chat function for a patient's medication history, existing allergies, or even the latest medical information around various topics. Instant answers to questions about patient data empower clinicians to make informed decisions and personalize care.


When crafting queries for Copilot Chat, it’s important to be specific with your request and provide context to generate the desired result. For example:


  • “Create a referral using this patient’s medical history and last note for a cardiologist”
  • “Write an excusal note for school/work for these dates”
  • “Create a one week diabetic meal plan for this patient using mainly whole foods, minimal meat, and include a shopping list”


Additional resource on how to create prompts:

Ready to ditch manual transcription and free up time for patient care? Get in touch with our team to get early access to Hint Copilot. As an Early Access member, you'll use Hint Copilot beta to transcribe patient visits into accurate, SOAP-formatted notes, generate clear, patient-friendly summaries, and improve your workflows through Copilot Chat. Your participation will help our team further refine the tool to build the best AI Copilot, tailored for DPC providers.