We’re pleased to announce an exciting new feature update in Hint Clinical - Intake Forms 2.0. In response to customer feedback and requests, we’ve revamped our intake forms feature to allow practices to map intake form fields to patient health summaries, saving practices time, reducing errors, and improving the accuracy of patient health data.

Structured Intake Forms screenshot


Customized Intake Questions

With Intake Forms 2.0, Direct Primary Care clinicians can now customize intake form questions and modify the mapping of the data to meet the clinician’s needs or workflows. This allows you to tailor the questions asked of patients when they join your practice or come in for regular visits, and craft highly personalized care plans based on the fields included on your forms.

Effortless Data Integration

With one-click mapping, Intake Forms 2.0 enables clinicians to effortlessly integrate form answers directly into Hint Clinical, eliminating the need for any manual entry of patient intake information, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring the accuracy of patient records. The Smart Mapping feature allows you to seamlessly tailor where answers to your custom intake questions are stored within the chart and save your mapping preferences for each form.

Personalized and Streamlined Onboarding

Not only will automated data entry save your practice staff valuable time and resources, but Intake Forms 2.0 facilitates a patient-friendly and streamlined onboarding process. Patients are spared the pain of paperwork with automated, personalized invitations to complete intake questionnaires that can be answered online, saving valuable time and ensuring error-free records.

Efficient, precise, and patient-centric - Intake Forms 2.0 is your key to a seamless patient data experience. 


We look forward to continuing to engage with our customers and improve our product software in 2024. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about product updates, please reach out to our support team at support@hint.com.