It’s been quite a year for Hint and we are grateful for the strides our product team has made in improving and further developing our Hint Core and Hint Clinical software to serve the direct care community. In this blog, we will highlight some of the product milestones we achieved in 2023 from useful notifications to a more robust system redesign. Many of these product updates were the result of requests from our customers. We take in pride in listening to our customers and incorporating their feedback into our products and services. When developing new features, updates and products we prioritize increasing operational efficiency, improving patient access and experience as well as driving revenue growth for membership-based practices. 


2023 Milestone Highlights

Increasing Operational Efficiency:

Online signup settings location group_employer Hint screenshot

Location group settings
Now practices with multiple locations and providers and networks can easily add batches of locations/providers without the hassle of individual selection. Additionally, this feature automatically updates all signup links as new providers or locations join the group, ensuring a seamless experience and increasing your practice efficiency.


Save export selections
We’ve made your reporting preferences as easy as a 1-click download, so you don’t need to export everything and sort through reports afterwards. You can now select your preferred columns once and save it as a default. Hint customers requested this feature and we were delighted to offer it, helping you save time.


Send past due invoices when ePHI waiver isn't accepted
As part of HIPAA's exceptions for the collection of payment, Hint sends past due invoice emails without the need for an ePHI waiver to be accepted. Your patients will now receive billing notifications, even if they haven't yet signed the ePHI waiver.


Design system launch
We've done a comprehensive redesign of our provider experience. With an improved and standardized design, users have a seamless experience across Hint providing a more enjoyable and accessible platform.


Sync many Hint accounts into a single Athena account
We've introduced an update allowing seamless integration of multiple Hint accounts with a single Athena account. This provides practices with a more efficient and cost-effective experience.


Pinned Items

Health History in Hint Clinical's health summary section is more customizable, so that diagnoses now include start and end dates, and users can easily pin or unpin specific line items for quick access, making accessing your patients' health profiles more personalized and user-friendly.


Social Templates

Clinical users can now seamlessly integrate structured social histories into templates, providing a convenient and standardized way to incorporate essential patient information across various template-driven interactions. See this video to learn how it works.


Improving Patient Access & Experience:

DPC patient that is delighted

Automated birthday notification
Another request by our customers to stay engaged with their patients is the automated birthday notification feature. Your patients get to feel valued on their special day adding a personalized touch to their experience.


Select provider from patient portal
DPC networks can now prompt patients to select their provider or location from the Hint patient portal. This is especially helpful when patients are enrolled from the Autosync or census file. It saves the practice time and effort calling the member to walk them through provider selection. We implemented this feature as requested by our customers. 

Move payment sources between patients
You can now easily move payment sources between patients, so if a family has a 
change, it’s seamless to accommodate. This update ensures a smoother financial workflow and enhancing the overall user experience. 


Easily update card info
This update permits patients and providers easily view and update card expiration dates and billing zip codes in the patient portal. There is no need to re-enter full details, which makes the process simpler and prevents issues with billing declines due to address changes. 


Enhanced security for employer systems
We launched the ability to encrypt patient data when transferring from employer systems into Hint, ensuring patient data remains safeguarded when in transit. This update adds a new layer of protection to our employee auto-sync (EAS) setup configuration.

Driving Revenue Growth:

Money rain sunshine

Faster ACH deposit times
We streamlined our ACH payment system designed with our customers' convenience in mind. With this upgrade, when patients choose to pay using their bank accounts, practices benefit from reduced transaction fees AND experience the added advantage of quicker access to funds. This change is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with seamless financial transactions.


We look forward to continuing to engage with our customers to improve our product software and innovate to provide an optimal experience across the Hint platform in 2024. For more information about how Hint can serve your direct primary care practice, visit