At Hint, we are actively working to leverage the latest technology to power direct care, facilitating an enhanced doctor-patient relationship for positive health outcomes. Earlier this year, we introduced the Hint Clinical, our solution that combines our membership management and billing software with a clinical app that includes the functionality of a modern EMR, practice management, and patient communications platform in one technology. A few months later, we’re excited to see early results of our new Hint Copilot capability currently in beta that further enhances the tech toolkit of the All-in-One. 

Last month at Hint Summit ‘23, Zak Holdsworth, Hint’s Co-Founder & CEO unveiled the new AI tool on stage with Dr. Brad Brown, Hint’s Medical Director in a mock doctor’s appointment as part of Zak’s official Hint keynote titled, ‘Exponential Technology & Innovation (in Healthcare).’ The tool records patient consultations or interactions directly within the application, and leverages OpenAI’s Whisper API and Large Language Model technology to transcribe them and automatically generate visit summaries for the clinician, respectively. This saves significant time for clinicians and offers more personable care between the doctor and patient, so that notes don’t need to be taken down manually during the visit and less time is spent beyond the visit charting notes.


"Our vision is a future where technology empowers, rather than hinders, the doctor-patient relationship," said Holdsworth. "AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare in a way that enhances, rather than replaces, human relationships," stated Aliisa Rosenthal, head of sales at OpenAI. "We are excited that Hint Health is using OpenAI's technology to bring advanced tools to doctors who share our vision." 


The technological arms race in insurance based care models has for decades led to systematically worse access and experience for patients and doctors, and Direct Primary Care is reversing this trend. This product launch is exciting because in the hands of the DPC community, we believe AI has the potential to help restore trust and integrity in our healthcare systems. - Zak Holdsworth


The key theme of Zak’s keynote at Hint Summit ‘23 centered on how new technology only reinforces existing human behaviors and incentives and does not change them. It’s only when new models and incentives are created can new technology support and accelerate adoption of these new models and incentives. Hint was founded on this premise of fundamentally transforming the US healthcare system by supporting the growth of direct primary care through technology. 


Get a sneak peek of the new Hint Copilot tool by watching the fireside chat below and if you’re interested in participating in the limited beta, sign up for the waiting list now.


Read the official press release and Forbes article, Betting on the Promise of AI Hint Health Announces New OpenAI Partnership to learn more.