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Let Patients Choose Their Membership Plan from Your Online Sign-up Form


Now you can create sign-up forms that give patients a choice of different membership plans. This means that you can use fewer sign-up links on your website.

When you have multiple membership plans, it’s much easier to have a single link that lets patients choose their plan, rather than create separate sign-up forms for each plan. HintOS now makes it easy to add multiple plan options. Simply go to Admin -> Online Signup -> Signup Pages and add a new Signup Page. Then, add as many membership plans as you desire to that signup page. Try it yourself by following these instructions, and feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team at support@hint.com if you get stuck.


Patients will simply see one sign-up form and will select their preferred plan. This support article demonstrates what a patient will see when they enroll online.

This new feature update is one more way that HintOS makes it easier to gain new patients online.

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