In the past five years, employer-sponsored Direct Primary Care (DPC) has seen an astronomical growth of over 800%, signaling a major shift in the way businesses approach employee health benefits. With hundreds of thousands of employees now having access to DPC through thousands of businesses, the healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformative change.


While small businesses often partner with a single local DPC practice, larger corporations and those with a dispersed workforce will face significant hurdles when trying to contract with multiple DPC providers across various regions. For a particular commercial real estate firm, this is where Aaron Witwer, a forward-thinking Benefits Advisor and President of BenEngage, stepped in. Recognizing the challenges of nationwide DPC network contracting and management, Witwer found his answer in Hint Connect. Powered by Hint technology, Hint Connect facilitates the implementation of DPC for geographically-diverse workforces through a single contract, tapping into a network of independent clinics and standardizing the benefit for all.


Hint Connect is the easiest way to integrate DPC into any health plan. It's that one invoice, one billing, simple registration - making it easy for everyone.”

Aaron Witwer
Benefits Advisor and President of BenEngage


As the 2024 benefits year approached, the need to maintain DPC as a core component of the health plan was clear. Witwer’s deep understanding of employee healthcare led him to seek a solution that would not only provide DPC across diverse geographies but also ensure a uniform enrollment experience for employees in 24 states.

The adoption of Hint Connect unified DPC benefits for employees across the nation, ensuring improved access with over 350 clinicians on the platform. It successfully extended DPC coverage to an additional 85 employees and seamlessly integrated into the existing health plan infrastructure.  

Witwer’s successful implementation of Hint Connect is a clear example of the potential of DPC in modernizing employee healthcare. By offering a curated network of DPC clinicians, Hint Connect elevates the standard of care for employer-sponsored health benefits.

Direct Primary Care is reshaping employee healthcare. As more employers recognize the value of DPC, we can expect to see a continued rise in its adoption, paving the way for a healthier, more satisfied workforce.


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