Hint Health recently co-hosted a webinar with Freedom Healthworks on how clinicians can seamlessly transition into direct primary care and open up the practice of their dreams. Dr. David Cameron, DPC physician and Hint Connect’s Chief Medical Officer chatted with Chris Habig, CEO and Co-founder of Freedom Healthworks on what to consider when opening a DPC practice and how clinicians can take the guesswork out of starting their business by leveraging services Freedom Healthworks offers.


Although starting a direct primary care practice may seem risky or challenging, the fact is the DPC space is growing rapidly and there is more demand for DPC clinicians than ever before. Dr. Cameron cites the 2022 DPC Trends Report, which indicates that DPC memberships have grown 241% from 2017 to 2022 with 21% growth in 2020 while fee-for-service practices saw adult primary care visits decline by 10%. It is clear that there is an immense opportunity for more clinicians to transition into or open new DPC practices in order to meet this demand. DPC services are designed to optimize access to affordable primary care, which is why we often see increased utilization with patients who are members of a DPC than patients who have traditional fee-for-service primary care.


Chris Habig is passionate about medicine and bringing quality care to communities across the country. Having spent much of his childhood witnessing his parents, who are both physicians, making a positive impact in their local community by having a strong relationship with their patients, Chris understood the power of the doctor-patient relationship. However, when it was time for Chris to embark on his own journey of becoming a physician, he soon realized that most doctors didn’t know their patients and couldn’t build strong relationships with them. Even Chris’s parents were unhappy with the bureaucracy of the health care system they were a part of. This observation altered Chris’s career trajectory, dissuading him from practicing medicine.


One day, Chris had an aha moment and decided to start Freedom Healthworks leveraging his experience in business to empower physicians and remove the barriers to having a meaningful doctor-patient relationship. Freedom Healthworks solves the pain points of clinicians that want to start their own business. With a presence in 27 states with 81 practices and counting, Freedom Healthworks’ suite of services can be customized, which include incubating startup practices, accelerating practice growth and connecting with a like minded community. To date, Freedom Healthworks has had a 100% success rate where practices that started up with their services have never gone out of business.


Watch Dr. Cameron and Chris Habig dive into how Freedom Healthworks helps physicians navigate launching and growing a successful direct primary care practice. For more information on the services Freedom Healthworks provides, download this overview.