Transforming the Health of Our Nation One Community at a Time

In this video, we hear from Dave Chase, Creator & Co-Founder of Health Rosetta and Clint Flanagan, MD, Founder & CEO of Nextera Healthcare who remind us how the direct care movement has come a long way and that starting modestly and placing an emphasis on efficacy can lead to success in DPC.

On June 4, 2010, Dave Chase was the first national writer to chronicle how direct primary care can play a critical role in transforming the US healthcare system. Dave goes on to highlight the importance of local efforts in driving national transformation. Dave is a proponent of health sovereignty and pushing the benefits of local, open and independent progress. He discusses fractals and how they are seen in successful DPC models.


Clint Flanagan, MD reiterates the importance of community and modest growth in order to succeed as a business and provider of healthcare. He talks about the success he found in starting small, continuing to grow and developing strategic relationships such as those with benefit advisors. Benefits advisors are crucial to the expansion of DPC. Clint acknowledges that 80% of their members have come through employers via benefit advisors. He also mentions that often small businesses don’t offer healthcare plans to their employees due to cost and DPC is a lower-cost alternative that can be of tremendous value. 


Get the breakdown of how fragmented local initiatives can expand to national transformation by watching this video.